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Zone-till/strip-till hybrid

Brillion says its new zone-till/strip-till hybrid is the only machine that combines zone tillage and strip tillage ability in one unit.

The Brillion Hybrid has a narrow travel width of 16 ft. 9 in. and a low travel height of less than 12 ft. Folded, the hybrid unit center section uses six heavy-duty shanks on 30-in. spacings for zone tillage operation 12 to 22 in. deep. Unfolded, a total of 12 shanks work 8 to 12 in. for strip tillage.

Price of the zone-till/strip-till hybrid starts at $48,000.

For more information, contact Brillion Iron Works Inc., Box 127, Brillion, WI 54110, 920/756-3720,

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