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Clay parts

Where can we find seals for our Clay Slurrey wagon? This wagon is seven years old.
Jim Lang
via e-mail

Clay Equipment is no longer in business. You can find parts for Clay machinery at Ralph Ulrich Equipment Service, 6240 Streeter Rd., Cedar Falls, IA 50613, 319/233-4718, or toll-free in Iowa, 800/742-8589.

Snow blade info

I need information on a snow blade model No. 6BD, made by Servis Equipment Company, Dallas, TX.
Donald Kelley
Hillsboro, OH

You will find your information at Servis-Rhino Inc., Box 712, Sequin, TX 78156, 800/356-6282.

Feed wagon trouble

I would appreciate it if you could find an address and phone number of a company with parts for a feed auger wagon. The tag on the wagon reads: Knoedler Manufacturers Inc., Streator, IL, serial number 48-1709.
Steven Kreemer
via e-mail

Double R Manufacturing still makes this type of feed auger wagon. Contact the company for parts at Box 107, Leonore, IL 61332, 800/851-2271.

Wood-burning stove

I need a part for an Ashley wood-burning stove. Could you tell me where I can get parts?
Leo E. Juranek
Linwood, NE

Contact Martin Industries, Ashley Div., Box 128, Florence, AL 35631, 205/767-0330.

Plan for breakup when doubling up

It is with interest that I read your article “Ownership alternatives” (December 2001, page 41). I have co-owned land since 1981 and at the present time co-own eight pieces of farm equipment with six different operators. As you said, have as much as you can in writing. This helps a great deal. Pay special attention to:

  • What is done when someone wants out.

  • Who is responsible for remaining debt on a certain piece of equipment owned by two or more people.

  • How the selling price is set on a certain piece of rolling stock. Who picks the appraisers? How many appraisers? When are the dollars due — immediately, in six months, nine months? What is done when neither party wants a certain item? How is it liquidated?

  • How a death is handled. Can the machinery be used while it is still in the estate? If so, how long, and for free or rental rates?

These are very important issues. If they are not addressed before things get rolling, I'd say you are headed for trouble some day.

I have been with my partner for 10+ years, and take it from the voice of experience, it does work if the operators and wives are compatible.
Walter Schmidtke
Wheaton, MN

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