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Selling CRP payments

Thank you for your publication Farm Industry News; I've found a number of useful ideas in your magazine over the years.

I want to comment on a feature in your Mid-February issue, on page 11 [“Sell CRP payments for fast cash”]. I have received solicitations with regard to purchasing our CRP contract and was insulted by the interest rates. A few present value calculations quickly revealed that they are discounting future payments at the rate of 14 to 15% — comparable to credit card rates. I think it would have been well to have informed readers of this.
Donald Swenson
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Tricky tire math

Alert reader Melvin Stock of Cissna Park, IL, caught a math error in “Tire Tips” on page 72 of our Mid-February issue. Although it's true that you can figure correct tire pressure by using height measurements from tread to rim at the top and bottom of the tire, the company that supplied the information for our article missed a step in the calculation. The correct formula takes the difference between the top and bottom measurements and divides this number by the top measurement:
(h2 — h1)/h2

For a properly inflated tire, the value should fall between 0.20 and 0.25.

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