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Mystery machine

Your issue of September 2004 features a story titled “Tool Time” about purchasing an air wrench. There is a photo at the top of the page which shows a tractor and truck that is painted in John Deere colors. I was wondering if I could get more information on that truck. Is that a John Deere manufactured truck or is it painted green and yellow for looks? If you could reply to me with any kind of info on this particular truck I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Brandon Lindley
Marshall IL

Readers have been calling to ask about the photo of Jeff Ryan and his machinery that appeared on page 54 of our September 2004 issue. “What is that strange-looking green truck-like thing with the air hose coming out of it and where can I get one?”

Despite the familiar green, this is not a John Deere product. The half truck, half tractor is called a Ranch Hand, and as far as we know, it is no longer manufactured or distributed. Ryan bought his Ranch Hand on an eBay auction. There were no Ranch Hands for sale when we checked eBay, so finding another one could be a challenge. The photo above shows the machine at work on Ryan's farm.

Welder whereabouts

I am trying to locate a business in Kansas called St. Johns Welding. They specialized in rebuilding combine cylinder bars and used to advertise in farm magazines and displayed their wares at farm shows. Is this company still in business and where are they located? Any information you can relate to me would be appreciated. Thanks.

Kenneth E. Kucera
via e-mail

Contact St. John Welding & Mfg. Inc.,
Box 175, St. John, KS 67576, 800/549-3289,

Duerr dilemma

We are in need of replacing the suction hose for our Duerr chipper and are having difficulty in finding anyone/anyplace that is familiar with this manufacturer. We were told Duerr is a subdivision of Craftsman. Do you have information of any kind that would be beneficial in helping us locate a dealer or supplier? Thanks.

Otis Brooks
Henderson, TX

Global Development International acquired Duerr chipper products in 1993. Parts can be purchased over the Internet at, or by contacting Global Recycling Equipment, Box 399, Streator IL 61364, 815/674-5802.

Guardair air guns

I'm trying to contact Guardair, Division of Union Engineering Corporation, Hadley, MA. They sold safety air guns and other air products. I purchased an air gun years back and would like to purchase another. Can you help me? Thank you.

Lyle K. Blausey
Helena, OH

Contact Guardair Corporation, 54 2nd Ave., Chicopee, MA 01020, 800/482-7324, The Web site has a link to help visitors find a local dealer.

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