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Bainbridge saws

I wanted to reply to Brad Hays' request [December 2001, page 46] for information on gears for his Bainbridge cutoff saw, model 712. Boston Gear has both gears available through your local bearing dealership.

Replacement saw blades (93½ in.) can be obtained from Doall in Chicago. They will weld length according to a customer's request. Most industrial suppliers can order them for you. The cost is about $16 for cheap blades and $32 for best quality.
George Carpenter
Illinois City, IL

Our thanks to Mr. Carpenter for the information. We always appreciate help in locating parts for our readers.

Drill switches

I am looking for a switch for a PET ½-in. drill. The company that made this drill was Portable Electric Tools Inc. Please tell me where I can find these parts.
Harry Smith
Britt, IA

Contact Decco Enterprises, 8122 Gravois Rd., St. Louis, MO 63123, 314/353-4900.

Pasture renovator

We need shanks for our Corsicana Pasture Renovator. Do you have a contact or supplier for Corsicana?
Lindell Haverstic
Moundville, MO

Contact Ivie Inc., 1337 S. 15th St., Corsicana, TX 75110, 903/874-4921.

Toolkraft bandsaw

I have a Toolcraft bandsaw that I need parts for. I used to get them from National Parts in Enfield, CT, but my letter was returned. I'd appreciate it if you could find a source of parts for me.
Raymond Becker
Freeman, SD

Try Toolkraft (yes, with a “k”), 352 Long Hill St., Springfield, MA 01108, 860/623-1781.

Waltersheid hitches

I need parts for a Waltersheid quick hitch.
George Herman
Olney, IL

Contact Waltersheid Inc., 16 W. 030-83rd St., Burr Ridge, IL 60521, 630/887-7022.

Drive ATVs responsibly

I was disappointed to read your cover story entitled “ATV Rodeo 2002” in your October 2002 issue. Your article, which included photographs of our “stewards of the land” driving ATVs and spinning mud 30 ft. high and running through woods and creeks, showed total disregard for the environment. You accomplished sending out a strong message that it is okay to go out and abuse the environment with these potentially destructive machines.

I realize your test was conducted on private property. However, the majority of the approximately 4.5 million ATVs in use today are used for recreational purposes, many of which are driven on public property.

I hope in the future you point out to your readers that you do not find it acceptable to use the same irresponsible driving practices on property that does not belong to them.
Patty Scheffert
Le Center, MN

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