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McCulloch saws

I am in need of a part for a McCulloch chain saw. I was told McCulloch was bought by a Japanese company. Any help would be appreciated.
Fred E. Coulter
Conrad, IA

I have two McCulloch chain saws that are still running. Where can I get parts for them?
Harry S. Shannon
Bay City, TX

A couple of years ago, McCulloch was purchased by Jenn Feng Ind. Co. Ltd., a Taiwan-based manufacturer. The company now has offices in the United States. Contact McCulloch Corp. at 4001 S. Contractor Way, Suite 121, Tucson, AZ 85714, 800/521-8559, call 877/901-9003 to locate a dealer near you, or visit

Oliver parts

I have an Oliver manure spreader, ground driven, and I need a new steel chain, size 761/2. We have tried to find it with no success.
Wayne Henrichs
Danforth, IL

I need a needle for an Oliver 620 wire baler.
Duane Jahn
Croswell, MI

I understand there is, somewhere, a company that makes roll bars and seat belts that fit older tractors. We mow fencerows and waterways with our 1800 Oliver tractor and would feel more comfortable if it had the protection of those items. I have not been able to locate that company.
Maurice L. Williamson
West Lafayette, IN

For Oliver parts, check Shuey's Sales Service, Jonestown Road, Ono, PA 17077, 800/331-2989, This business specializes in Oliver parts.

Out of business

I am looking for parts for a 15-in. Crescent wrench by TrueCraft Tool. I would appreciate any direction you can give me.
Dallas Behrends
Clifton, IL

Unfortunately, TrueCraft Tools is out of business and we were unable to find another business selling parts.

Miller disk kit

I am looking for information about a Miller disk. My letter to Miller Manufacturing Company, Stratton, NE, was returned. Was a hydraulic cylinder kit developed to replace the manual disk leveling screw?
Ron Rowe
Dalton City, IL

Yes, a kit is available for some Miller disks. Check with K&M Mfg., 628 E. Lake Dr., Taylor, TX 76574, 512/352-2588.

Bins sold to Korea

I have a Superior grain bin manufactured by Superior Equipment Manufacturing Company, Mattoon, IL. I need parts for the fan, but the company is no longer in business.
Albert A. Luchette
Brookfield, OH

Arcon Mfg. out of Charlotte, NC, purchased Superior grain bins. But then the Superior line was sold to a Korean firm with all the parts shipped overseas. An individual at Arcon suggests you buy a new fan.

Shank replacement

I am looking for a replacement spring steel curved shank for a center ridge buster on a Kewanee 1010 disk. Any suggestions?
Charlie Brown
via e-mail

We suggest you go to a local Bush Hog dealer for a computer search for parts. Or contact Bush Hog at 7303 Vine St. Crt., Davenport, IA 52806, 800/304-6234.

Acorn parts

Where can I find parts for Acorn manure handling equipment?
Jerry Fjeld
via phone call

You can reach Acorn Equipment Co. at 3311 Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT 06111, 860/667-2216, or visit equipment.

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