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Wheelbarrow compressor

As the name implies, the Ridgid GP90135 wheelbarrow compressor has a pneumatic off-road-tread tire that has been moved out in front of the unit. Beyond its namesake wheel, the compressor has many features to add functionality and durability.

The gas-powered motor delivers 10.3 cfm at 90 psi with a 135 maximum psi. The belt guard has a solid sheet metal design with an integrated baffling system directing air over the pump to maximize cooling, dropping the temperature around the pump by up to 80°F and increasing pump life.

A stainless steel braided discharge tube is nested in a protected area on the unit between the pump and the Honda 5.5-hp engine, reducing the chance of inadvertent damage to the tube. The control panel is nested in the unit to protect gauges and couplers.

With 9 gal. of air storage, the size of the tanks reduces cycle frequency and delivers a more consistent airflow. An oil-lubricated compressor pump has a solid cast-iron cylinder and crankcase with an aluminum head for heat dissipation, again increasing the life of the pump.

The unit comes with two quick-connect air outlets with universal couplers, so you can plug in two tools at once. The regulator has a ratcheting lock design. Price: $749. Contact Ridgid Tool Co., Dept. FIN, 400 Clark St., Elyria, OH 44036, 800/769-7743, visit or, or circle 194.

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