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Wheel alignment tool

A simple stud with a built-in latch can make changing duals a one-person job.

The Dual Helper is a 4-in.-long steel stud that is threaded on one end andaccepts a socket on the other. Unlike most alignment tools on the market,this one has a catch latch in the middle of the stud that pops up to holdthe wheel rim in place. To operate, thread the stud into the top hole ofthe hub and slide the wheel on until the latch catches. Then jack up thetractor so the wheel clears the shop floor, align the holes and lugs andthread the lug bolts. When you get to the Dual Helper stud, replace it withthe final lug bolt. It's available in 5/8-, 3/4-, 7/8-in. diameters withfine or coarse threads. Price: $30. Contact Cor Co Inc., Dept. FIN, 3973 S.400 W., Winchester, IN 47394, 765/584-7555.

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