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Expanded planter control

With a free firmware update, Ag Leader's SeedCommand planter control system now can control up to 36 planter clutch sections. It also supports row-by-row section control on 30-in. rows, although outside planter sections must have two rows to minimize skips due to terrain changes and GPS or implement drift.

The update also expands planter-monitoring capability to all planters equipped with Kinze, Dickey-john (standard and high-rate) and John Deere AccuCount seed tube sensors. The system monitors and logs average seed population and spacing.

The monitor now supports PWM and motorized servo hydraulic valves, as well as Kinze and Rawson AccuRate hydraulic drives. Additional 12-section control modules (list price $850/module) are required to expand section control beyond 12 sections.

Contact Ag Leader Technology, Dept. FIN, Box 2348, Ames, IA 50010, 515/232-5363, visit or, or circle 150.

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