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Utility tractors, combine heads

KUBOTA INTRODUCES four new models to its M-series deluxe midsize ag/utility tractor line: the Kubota M100X, M110X, M126X and M135X with 98, 108, 125 and 135 hp, respectively. Leading the pack is the new M135X, a deluxe, high-performance tractor with a 374-cu.-in., turbocharged, direct-injection diesel engine.

The M100X and M110X are powered by a Kubota V3800 engine. The M126X and the M135X feature a new V6108 4-cyl., high-torque engine with a large displacement of 6.1 liters (374 cu. in.).

Suggested list price: $56,340 to $70,774. Contact Kubota Tractor Corp., Dept. FIN, 3401 Del Amo Blvd., Torrance, CA 90503, 888/458-2682, ext. 900, visit or, or circle 150.

OXBO INTERNATIONAL Corporation, manufacturer of seed corn harvesters, introduces its first corn head made for field corn producers. The company designed the new 50 series corn head for commercial field corn harvest using the same technology as that in the corn heads used in seed corn harvesting — with the focus on gentle, efficient ear removal that makes “every kernel count.” The corn head is specifically designed for harvesting in any condition, including down corn and low ears.

Oxbo's Soft Touch technology uses exclusive, six-bladed, tapered intermeshing knife rolls to cut the ears of corn from the stalk. The knife rolls are engineered to gently and precisely cut the ear from the stalk, reducing header loss. They work in tandem with Oxbo's hydraulically adjusted stripper plates, which are designed to remain centered over the knife rolls for straighter stalk pull down, precise ear removal, reduced ear damage and less trash in the harvester than when conventional corn heads are used.

Suggested list prices: 6 row, $49,385; 8 row, $61,800; and 12 row, $91,555. Contact Oxbo International Corp., Dept. FIN, 100 Bean St., Clear Lake, WI 54005, 800/628-6196, visit or, or circle 151.

Large flex header

MACDON INTRODUCES a 45-ft. version of its FlexDraper flex header. The new 45-ft. FD70 FlexDraper is designed to have a crop-handling capacity greater than that of most Class 9 combines.

The header's unique three-section flex frame combined with MacDon's draper technology offers balanced floating action in a wide range of crops, including soybeans. The FlexDraper header maintains a consistently close relationship between the knife and the reel without bunching and plugging, the company claims.

The suggested list price starts at $86,378. Contact MacDon Inc., Dept. FIN, 10708 N. Pomona Ave., Kansas City, MO 64153, 816/891-7313, visit or, or circle 152.

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