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Kubota mid-size utility tractors

Kubota introduces four new models to its M-series deluxe mid-size ag/utility tractor line: the Kubota M100X, M110X, M126X and M135X. The tractors have an engine horsepower rating of 98, 108, 125 and 135 hp, respectively.

Leading the pack is the new M135X, a deluxe, high-performance tractor with advanced features at an affordable price. It is Kubota’s most powerful M-series tractor yet, with a 374-cu.-in., turbocharged, direct-injection diesel engine that boasts 118 PTO hp.

The M100X and M110X are powered by a Kubota V3800 engine. On the larger side of the series, the M126X and the M135X feature a new V6108 4-cyl., high-torque engine with a large displacement of 6.1 liters (374 cu. in.). Standard design elements include a new rounded hood and grill design for expanded range of vision, repositioned exhaust pipe for increased visibility of the front right wheel, and a wide-front tread that provides an overall 70- to 74-in. tread spacing, making straddling wide windrows in baler applications easier.

Suggested list price: $56,340 to $70,774. Contact Kubota Tractor Corp., Dept. FIN, 3401 Del Amo Blvd., Torrance, CA 90503, 888/458-2682, ext. 900.

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