John Deere subcompact mowing tractor

John Deere subcompact mowing tractor

John Deere’s new 1 Series subcompact utility tractors are designed for mowing but are packaged with features seen on larger tractors. The 1023E (shown in photo) and 1026R models come with deluxe lighting packages, cruise control for mowing in open fields and position-control 3-pt. hitch. The 1023E offers 23.5 hp, and the 1026R has 25.5 hp.

The new tractors are equipped with Deere’s AutoConnect technology that allows operators to simply drive over a mower deck to attach it. The tractors also will work with many attachments and implements, including front loaders, rotary tillers and backhoes.

Prices are $11,300 for the 1023E model and $12,600 for the 1026R. For more information, contact John Deere at

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