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Two-pass weed control

Dow AgroSciences adds to the 2008 corn herbicide market a new product designed to help stem weed resistance problems. SureStart is soil-applied herbicide with a flexible application time ranging from preplant to 11-in.-tall corn. It is registered for control of grasses and small and large broadleaf weeds for up to six weeks.

SureStart will complement a two-pass program with glyphosate, according to Bruce Maddy, product technology specialist for Dow AgroSciences. "The use of SureStart is a critical first step in a two-pass program," he says. "It allows growers to follow with a single post-glyphosate application at a labeled rate to later-emerging weeds that are smaller, more uniform and easier to control." He recommends applying 1.5 to 2 pts./acre of SureStart as a preemergence application.

Dow's new herbicide contains three modes of action that help it control tough weeds such as giant and common ragweed, waterhemp, lambsquarter and foxtail, according to Damon Palmer, Dow production manager. Because it does not contain atrazine, it fits into a LibertyLink herbicide program with Herculex hybrids. It is easily tank mixed with 2,4-D, atrazine and glyphosate. For more information, visit

Dow AgroSciences also adds a new high-load glyphosate to its herbicide lines. The company describes Durango DMA as a third-generation glyphosate salt that offers improved handling and tankmixing properties over previous glyphosate products.

Durango DMA is tankmix compatible with fungicides, insecticides and herbicides. According to the company, it will consistently control more than 100 broadleaf weeds and grasses in a high-load formulation and will treat more acres per gallon with fewer reloads.

Dow AgroSciences recommends using Durango DMA as the second product sprayed on Roundup Ready crops after SureStart is used for the first application. Growers who want respray assurances with their glyphosate herbicide may purchase Dow's other glyphosate product called Duramax. This product is similar to Durango DMA, but includes a performance service policy. For more information, visit

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