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Truck and tractor in one vehicle

The Tructor T-4000 combines a tractor and a truck into one utility vehicle. After five years of being tested in the U.S., the revamped Tructor offers a unique design that provides power, flexibility and convenience.

The Tructor T-4000 model is powered by a Kubota 4-cyl. diesel engine with hydrostatic drive. The dump box holds 1 ton, and the vehicle will pull 3,000 lbs. It features a front or rear transferable 3-pt. hitch and PTO. A front-end loader may be purchased for the Tructor.

Three people can sit in the vehicle as it travels down the road at 25 mph. The 50-hp vehicle also will till a field at 0 to 6 mph.

List price of a T-4000 fully loaded, and with an Allied 2,000-lb. loader, is $36,500. Contact Tructor Vehicles, Dept. FIN, Box 647, Columbus, IN 47202-0647, 812/343-2370,

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