Ramping up pickup truck choices

The pickup truck is the mainstay of the American farm, but these days when you buy a pickup truck you're just as interested in making it special for your use than just "buying off the rack." Chevrolet apparently recognizes this and for the newest version of the venerable Silverado, designers have been busy coming up with some new choices for pickup buyers.

In this gallery we offer a look at a few variations from the standard Silverado, including some new looks coming from Chevy. We gleaned the information from a range of announcements that came out of several different key auto shows in the past few months.

This bevy of 'new' pickups is essentially a rundown of a range of customized options for the top buyers. Check out the gallery for new information about the trucks available out there from Chevrolet that kick up the looks, and options, a notch for buying time.

From special paint jobs to designs that harken back to popular models of the past, the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado series offers buyers a wide range of ways to put yourself in the drivers' seat. Check out the 'looks' in this gallery.

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