Heavy duty pickups at a glance

Pickup trucks are a hot commodity these days with sales of these handy machines far outpacing cars, but the glamour always rests on the 150/1500 class of trucks. Ford is getting great attention for its new aluminum body F-150, heck we even named it a FinOvation honoree for 2015. But where the rubber meets the gravel road on the farm is the heavy duty class of trucks.

These models with 250/2500 or 350/3500 in their names (Ford's naming is totally different than Ram and General Motors) can haul big loads, tow big trailers and get real work done on a farm. And for 2015 you have some hard-working choices among all the major brands. We look at the key features and specs offered by the heavy duty truck makers in this gallery. So click away and check out what's being offered for the 2015 model year.

For convenience purposes we did this in alphabetical order, so we start with Chevrolet and end with Ram (not Dodge, it's Ram).

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