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GROWERS may now buy a personal computer that is tough enough to withstand the farm environment. The new Rugged Tablet PC, also known as Titan RT, is available from Farm Works Software. The tablet computer may be used in a truck, tractor, sprayer or ATV and is compatible with existing GPS receivers along with the Farm Works Software Mate programs.

The Tablet PC features a large touch screen (8½ in. wide) that is easy for an operator to see when he or she is at the wheel of a tractor or sprayer. The PC is designed to withstand heat, cold, rain, dust and mud. It works well for mapping field boundaries, scouting problem areas, guidance, soil sampling and variable-rate control. Crop record keeping also can be integrated for producing application maps from planting, fertilizing and chemical spraying.

For a limited time, Farm Works Software includes its Site Mate-Basic software free to those who purchase the Rugged Tablet PC, which costs $2,850. Contact Farm Works Software, Dept. FIN, Box 250, Hamilton, IN 46742, 800/225-2848, visit or, or circle 195.

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