Miter saw light enough to carry one-handed

Miter saw light enough to carry one-handed

Bosch brings a new innovation to the miter saw market with the first one-handed, portable miter saw in the 12-in. segment. The CM12 single bevel compound miter saw has a lightweight and compact design and a carry handle that makes the saw easy to transport. In addition to portability, the miter saw provides accurate cuts at any angle.

The new saw features nine adjustable miter detents and large miter and bevel scales with uniform markings, making them easy to read and providing operators with a variety of angle options. With a one-touch, adjustable fence, operators can make top crown/base and cross cuts without much effort. It has an 8-in. capacity on cross cuts and can make 6-in. cuts at 45 degrees.

It includes a 37-in. expanding support that extends to the left or right of the saw to add material support. The saw also comes with a vacuum-ready dust chute and an adjustable dust elbow vacuum adaptor attachment that connects the saw to a dust bag to ensure all dust created during use is safely collected.

The Bosch CM12 kit includes 40T blade, blade wrench and dust bag. It costs $349. Contact Bosch, 877/267-2499,

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