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Good Buy: Cordless cut-off tool from Hilti

Good Buy: Cordless cut-off tool from Hilti


Hilti has launched the world’s first cordless cut-off tool with a brushless motor. The tool can cut or grind just about any type of metal. The new cut-off tool was put to the test by a farmer for Farm Industry News. He found the tool handy and powerful, especially considering it is battery powered. It also performed well as an angle grinder. The tool is 14 in. in length, weighs 6 lbs., and operates at 18v.


Overall, our tester was impressed by the dual-purpose cut-off tool, saying it delivers metal-cutting performance comparable to that of corded tools.


Price: $600 (includes tool, 2 batteries, charger, 25 blades, keyless flange, and bag). Call Hilti, Inc., at 800/879-8000, or visit

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