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Dual Changer Max

ONAWA, IOWA – Westendorf Manufacturing introduces the Dual Changer Max. One person can change larger dual tractor tires in as little as five minutes with the smallest amount of physical exertion and no extra tools. This innovative product eliminates the heavy lifting, use of dangerous breaker bars, and all the frustrations of tire alignment. This updated design now supports larger dual tires up to 900 lbs.

The Dual Changer Max is a lightweight, yet durable, implement. The universal design is easy for one person to install on most front-end loader and skid-steer buckets. Just transport the dual tire to the tractor; once positioned, the unit’s adjustable cross pipe keeps the tire from wobbling. Tool-free three-way adjustments can be made from the ground. Hydraulically adjust the height up to 14”, a telescoping crank moves the tire in or out 16”, and the heavy-duty tire, with bushing, allows easy rotation of the dual to align the holes for fast and hassle-free mounting every time.

The Dual Changer Max is also compact for easy, out-of-the-way storage when not in use.

Call 712/423-2762 or visit for more information.

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