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With the new Makita Impact Gold torsion insert bit holder, is a drill enhancement that offers confident one-handed fastening.

Bit holder at work

Team FIN tests out a new insert bit holder from Makita.

Team FIN tested Makita’s new Impact Gold 2-3/4 in. ultra magnetic torsion insert bit holder. Constructed with high-quality steel and engineered to handle high torque, the unit’s technology allows the bit holder to flex under load and take pressure off the bit tip. The bit holder has a rare earth Neodymium magnet that Makita claims has twice the magnetic strength of a standard magnet. Team FIN was impressed by the magnet’s strength and its ability to secure both a bit and screw in place. It allowed for confident one handed fastening and greater efficiency. Team FIN highly recommends Makita’s new ultra magnetic bit holder.

Rated: 5 out of 5

The ultra magnetic torsion insert bit holder (B-35097) costs $6.49. For more about Makita, visit

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