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Tires all around

New tires abound for tractors, backhoes and even air seeders.

March is a good time to head out to the machine shed and inspect tires that have been sitting dormant all winter. And don't stop at your tractor or combine; utility and implement tires need just as much care and attention.

Here are the latest tire introductions we found for tractors, backhoes and other utility vehicles, and air seeders.

Made for each other. Keeping up with the demand for tires made for a specific implement, Titan International debuts its Packer tire for air-seeding equipment only.

The weight and ribs of the tire smooth and firm the soil over the seed bed after air seeding. The 26/6.50x15 wide-rib tire features a flat surface tread to provide consistent tire pressure on soil with inflation pressures adjustable from 6 to 45 psi.

The company claims that the tire's narrow sidewalls eliminate sidewall penetration caused by crop stubble and make the tire easy to clean. Contact Titan International Inc., Dept. FIN, 2701 Spruce St., Quincy, IL 62301, 217/228-6011.

Steering power. BFGoodrich and Michelin both offer new steer tires (Michelin for the first time in North America).

BFGoodrich's Power Steer features a three-rib design that aids quick steering and reduces side slip. Heavy-duty shoulders protect against snagging and tearing from crop stubble.It's available in six sizes to fit small to mid-size, 2-wd front-steer tractors. Sizes range from a 5x15 four ply to a 11x16 eight ply. Contact BFGoodrich, Dept. FIN, 1 Pkwy. S., Greenville, SC 29615, 888/552-1213.

Michelin claims that its entry, called the AT Steer tire, improves suspension by reducing front-end vibration. A round and uniform design reduces front-end tractor hop. The company claims its three-rib tread tire is 30% heavier than comparable tires and, as a result, resists punctures and stubble damage better. Available in four sizes ranging from 6.50x16 to 11x16.

Utility tread. Michelin's XM27 radial tires are designed specifically for backhoes and other utility applications that need ground-gripping traction.

Standard R4 lugs provide added traction, and rigid, stable crown belts distribute the load evenly across a wide, flat tread to reduce wear and increase tread life, according to the company. Flexible sidewalls help absorb shocks. Contact Michelin, Dept. FIN, 1 Pkwy. S., Greenville, SC 29615, 888/552-1213.

Tractor tires. Kelly-Springfield adds new sizes to its farm tire lines, including the Power Mark Hard Surface and the Power Mark Industrial Lug I (both R4).

The Hard Surface line now includes a 19.5Lx24 size, 12-ply tire featuring a nondirectional tread design that the company claims improves performance on hard surfaces and a lower tread void that puts more rubber on the ground for durability.

The Industrial Lug I is now available in two new sizes: 14.9x24 and 16.9x28. Both have an increased number of lugs for improved traction and have deep treads for long, even wear. Contact Kelly-Springfield, Dept. FIN, 12501 Willow Brook Rd. S.E., Cumberland, MD 21502, 301/777-6496.

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