New tractor, tillage combination from Case IH

New tractor, tillage combination from Case IH

As part of its Steiger Tiger Tour, Case IH recently demonstrated what it claims is “the most powerful tillage system in the world.” The 670-hp Steiger 600, the industry’s most powerful tractor, was paired with the 26-ft.-wide Ecolo-Tiger 870, the industry’s biggest combination disk ripper. In one pass, the system cut, ripped, and leveled a field of corn stalks at a work rate of 24 acres/hr. The tractor, powered by a new 12.9-liter Case IH engine by FTP, equipped with Tier 4A SCR technology, burned from 1.1 to 1.6 gal. of fuel/acre, giving it 10% higher fuel economy than previous models. Suggested list prices: The Steiger 600 starts at $420,000; the Ecolo-Tiger starts at $121,000. For more information, contact your Case IH dealer or visit


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