Corn-stalk smasher

Corn-stalk smasher

Ringsted Welding & Fabrication says it designed its RWF Stalk Smasher to meet the needs of growers who report increased equipment damage from corn stalks. Mounted on or ahead of the tractor, the Stalk Smasher can be used during fall fieldwork or spring planting in conventional or no-till operations. It bends jagged stalks over and prevents damage to tires or treads.

To accommodate all tracks and duals, the Stalk Smasher is available with a 10- or 14-ft. toolbar and a 44- to 78-in. smasher bar. It also comes with a tractor-specific mounting kit. Kits are available for nearly all current tractor models. 

The Stalk Smasher retails at $3,995 or $4,295. For details, contact Ringsted Welding, Dept. FIN, 740 E. 240th St., Ringsted, IA 50578, 712/866-1693, or visit

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