Pulling together a range of tech

From new electronic tools to soil-focused amendments, the science of production agriculture keeps evolving.

By the Penton Ag Show Team

Farming today is a long way from where it was just 20 years ago, from the latest in biotech seeds to the use of cloud data tools to keep track of farm operations, it's a new world. In this latest gallery from the farm show new product team at Penton Ag, we've pulled together a list of tech tools, both electronic, and agronomic, to share. These are tools you can consider using in 2017 and beyond.

Check out the gallery, and if you need to connect with a specific company, check out these links:

Visit Ag Leader at agleader.com

Learn more from Davis Equipment at davisequipment.com.

Visit Sunco Marketing a suncomarketing.com

Get information from Conservis at conserviscorp.com

Check out Headwaters Resources at flyash.com

For more from Veris check out veristech.com

Get the latest from 360 Yield Center at 360yieldcenter.com

Learn about Bio Mulcher at biomulcher.com

Contact Adapt-N at adapt-n.com

Visit Farmers Edge at farmersedge.ca

Check out Soil Service Inc., at soilserviceinc.com

Contact Agnition at agnition.com

Visit Strobel Mfg. at strobelmfg.com

Learn more from Davis Instruments at davisnet.com

The Penton Ag Show Team includes Tom Bechman, Indiana Prairie Farmer; Mindy Ward, Missouri Ruralist; Lon Tonneson, Dakota Farmer; and Curt Arens, Nebraska Farmer.

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