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NEW ONELINK smoke and carbon monoxide alarms from First Alert offer the enhanced safety of an interconnected hard-wired alarm system without the need for expensive wiring. Onelink alarms use 915-MHz-band wireless radio technology to link up to 12 alarms into a network, so all alarms sound simultaneously when smoke or carbon monoxide trips a single alarm. Individual alarms can be programmed by location, which allows the system to alert inhabitants to where the incident has occurred. For example, when a programmed alarm detects smoke in the kitchen, all network alarms will say: “Warning, evacuate, smoke in kitchen, evacuate.”

Battery and hard-wired models are available. The suggested retail price for a battery-operated alarm is $90, and a hard-wired alarm is $65. Contact First Alert, Dept. FIN, 3901 Liberty Street Rd., Aurora, IL 60504, 800/323-9005, visit or, or circle 199.

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