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I am looking for Deutz engines or any information on the company or parts. Thank you.
Francis Effenor
St. Louis, MO

Ken Womack, one of our knowledgeable readers, informed us that Deutz engines can be located at Diesel Power Equipment Co., 1501 New Perrine Rd., Farmington MO 63775, 800/876-3732. You could also try the Contractor Hotline, 1003 Central Ave., Ft. Dodge, IA 50501, 800/247-2000,


I busted a ½-in. Thorson socket drive handle that measures 16½ in. long. The swivel end crystallized. I know that these tools are guaranteed for life for replacement but cannot find a retailer in the area to replace this handle. Can you help me out on where to send it? Has the company been sold or is it nonexistent?
Ronald Rubsam
Ocheyedan, IA

We receive many requests for information about Thorson Tools. For warranty information and replacements, send tools with a note to Woods Industries, Attn. Thorson Tool Div., 510 3rd Ave. S.W., Carmel, IN 46032, or call 317/844-7261.


I am looking for any information on Schumacher battery chargers, in particular model H974. Thank you.
Roy Popp
Martinsburg, MO

Contact Schumacher Electric Corp., 801 Business Center Dr., Mount Prospect, IL 60056, 800/621-5485,


I recently saw your article on Bonney Tools (Talk, March 2005, page 76). I just wanted to let your readers know that the Harry J. Epstein Company bought the remaining Bonney Tool inventory. It is massive. It is posted on their Web site,
Jori Sackin
Kansas City, MO

Thank you for the information. You also can write to the Harry J. Epstein Co. at 301 W. 8th St., Kansas City, MO 64105, or call the company at 800/821-5503.


Are parts available for the “Old Scratch” brand cattle oilers made in the 1950s by Bill Kirk Manufacturing of Amarillo, TX? Thanks.
Kent Beune
Dodge, NE

We are unable to locate any information about this company or the product. You may want to search online auctions, including sites such as eBay at


I am looking for any information on Hillsboro Industries Inc. from Hillsboro, KS.
phone request
Kingsley, IA

Contact Hillsboro Industries Inc., 220 Industrial Rd., Hillsboro, KS 67063, 800/835-0209.

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