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I enjoyed reading your editorial encouraging farmers to do relief work in the Gulf Coast (“After the storm,” November, page 6).

I recently did relief work in Long Beach so I know what you're talking about. It looks like a war zone there. I helped families that go to the First Baptist Church. The church had its building near the gulf and lost everything. Their Web site is Click on “Katrina” for photos.

A Christian organization called the Fellowship of Christian Farmers sent two semi loads of relief supplies from the Midwest down to the Gulf Coast. One went to DeRidder, LA, on September 3. The other went to Biloxi, MS, on September 11. Both loads were greatly appreciated.

The Christian Farmers also plan to do relief work this winter. They have their own motor home to work out of. It sleeps 12 and is presently in Kinder, LA, to help some farmers with Rita cleanup. It could also be moved to Mississippi if necessary.

Farmers are welcome to join in the cleanup. E-mail the Christian Farmers at [email protected] or call 309/365-8710. Dennis Schlagel is the executive director. Their Web site is

Thanks again for your editorial.
Don Miske
via e-mail


A couple of years ago I found a new product called Dare Insulators. After I called the company, they sent me some to try and said they would be available in farm supply stores. However, I have not been able to locate any stores that carry them.

Could you send me the company address, phone number or e-mail address so I could contact them?
Bruce Holen
Bertrand, NE

Contact American Fence & Supply Co., 3501 N. IH 35, Georgetown, TX 78628, 512/930-4000,, or e-mail [email protected].


I need some parts from Kinco for their 38-in. self-propelled sickle bar mower. Is the company still in business or are parts available?
Edwin Kucera
Howells, NE

Contact Kinco Mfg. Co., 170 N. Pascal St., St. Paul MN 55104, 651/644-4666. The company reports that it has a limited supply of parts available for this mower.


I have a Riteway heating unit (a wood stove) manufactured by Riteway Manufacturing Company of Harrisonburg, VA. I have been unable to find the company or anyone that handles parts.

I have looked on the Web and through directory assistance.

Any help would be appreciated.
Richard Malm
Valley Falls, KS

Contact Riteway-Dominion Mfg. Co., 1680 Country Club Rd., Harrisonburg, VA 22801, 703/434-3800.

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