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I have a Dempster piston-type water pump with pressure tank, made in Beatrice, NE, that I use in the basement to pump water from a cistern. I am unable to find anyone that handles parts. Your help would be appreciated.
Harold Fick
Beaver Creek, MN

Contract Dempster Industries Inc., Box 848, Beatrice, NE 68310, 800/777-0212.


We are looking for parts for a 1974 Massey Ferguson 300 crawler. We need parts for the undercarriage, mainly the axle on the front idler. Hopefully there is somebody who still makes parts for these and, if not, can find good used parts.
Glen W. Pauling
Monee, IL

Contact Tractor Parts Inc., Box 2187, Glassow, KY 42142, 877/292-0833.


I am looking for information on Tyger 180 lawn tractors and parts.
T. Johanns
Des Moines, IA

Contact Master Farm Supply, Rte. 3, Box 392, Hwy. 73, Altna, FL 32421, 850/762-3221. Master carries most parts for tractors made in China.


I am on the search for drip torches for controlled burning. Can you help me?
Dennis Wynn
e-mail request

Forestry Supplies Inc. carries 11 types, including ones you can mount on ATVs.

Contact Forestry Supplies Inc., Box 8397, Jackson, MS 39284, 800/752-8460,


Can you please help me find information on SED Industries Corporation sprayer controllers? Thank you.
Marty Joyce
Gardner, IL

SED Industries was bought by Field Technologies. Then Field Technologies was bought by Flexicoil Ltd., now owned by CNH. Parts are still available from Flexicoil Ltd., Box 1928, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada S7K 3S5, 306/934-3500,


Do you have any information on the makers of fork handles? The replacement fork handles I find today at farm stores do not have hardly any bend in them at the bottom like they used to. I did notice new forks with handles that bend. The fork had Union stamped on the handle, but the store people would not tell me anything about where that company was from. Do you have a list of fork handle makers that I could contact?
John Ernst
Iowa City, IA

Contact Union Tools, 390 W. Nationwide Blvd., Columbus, OH 43215, 614/222-4400,


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