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System simplifies technology

The new Raven Application Management System 198 (AMS 198) is designed with the less experienced computer user in mind. It is designed to vary the rate of a single product over the field.

This system includes a GPS display/interpretation module with face-mounted keys, a PCMCIA output/ input card, two serial ports and Windows '95 application software.

Its console can be used as a stand-alone system for recording field boundaries or marking field features. It can also serve as an automatic variable-rate system by connecting the system to a GPS or DGPS receiver. With this connection, it can record your vehicle position as you drive around field boundaries, weeds, tile lines or soil sample points.

More versatility. The only requirement for the system is a laptop or desktop computer where data can be transferred via a PCMCIA card. The AMS map creation software then translates the data, allowing rate change zone definition, layer designation and easy editing of GPS and GIS data. Processed yield data and other information captured outside the system may be imported.

The system will then display your application zones and your current position on the map. You can watch yourself moving through the field and into each application zone as you start to apply. The console will read your corrected position and compare that position to the file on the PCMCIA card and send the predetermined rate to the Raven controller. The AMS 198 will record and save all of your controller's application functions for future reference.

Controllers fit your needs. The Raven SCS440, 450, 460, 660, 700 and 750 serve as controllers for the AMS. Each controller is designed to meet your specific needs.

Raven Industries marketing manager Dale McAlvy says the system is affordable and easy to operate. "The intimidation factor is lessened," he claims. List price: $4,000. Contact Raven Industries, Dept. FIN, Sioux Falls, SD 57117, 605/335-0143.

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