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Synthetic tranny/hydraulic fluid

Expensive transmissions and hydraulics deserve maximum wear protection. And Petro-Canada says it has the ultimate with its new Duratran Synthetic formula transmission/hydraulic fluid. The company claims its 99.9% pure base oil formula with specialty additives retains fresh oil qualities and lasts longer than other products.

Formulated for use in farm tractors and agricultural machinery with a common oil system for transmission, differential, final drive, hydraulic, PTO, wet brake and power steering mechanisms, Duratran Synthetic exceeds both John Deere summer and winter viscosity specifications.

Duratran Synthetic is billed as a Total Temperature protection formula, ideal for regions of the country prone to weather extremes. A Duratran Synthetic Blend is designed for exceptional low-temperature performance, while standard Duratran works best for high-temperature applications. The company recently instituted what it calls a No Nonsense Farm Warranty, which guarantees replacement of parts damaged as a result of product failure. Prices vary by dealership. Contact Petro Canada 150 - 6th Avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada 800/661-1199,

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