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SYNGENTA CROP Protection announced its 2006 Touchdown Assurance Plan (TAP) for growers in the northern U.S. This plan applies to the Touchdown brand of glyphosate herbicides produced by Syngenta. Here's a brief rundown of the plan:

  • Re-treatment if a Touchdown Total application made under less-than-ideal conditions results in unsatisfactory weed control.

  • Up to $20.00/acre if an in-crop application on a glyphosate-tolerant crop results in crop injury, provided the grower uses only Touchdown glyphosate brands.

  • Re-treatment of a field if a rainfall occurs at least 30 min. after application.

  • Replant if Touchdown Total, Sequence, Gramoxone Inteon or Expert is applied as a burndown and the crop must be replanted.

  • During a crop loss, replacement value of a seed trait when only Touchdown glyphosate brands are used.

  • A cost share rebate of $2.60/acre towards the purchase of Fusion or Fusilade DX when volunteer glyphosate-tolerant corn flushes occur in fields where glyphosate-tolerant corn was rotated to glyphosate-tolerant soybeans. Touchdown must be the exclusive glyphosate brand.

For more information, contact a local crop protection retailer or visit

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