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Strike Zone cuts drift

Reduce drift when spraying and increase deposition with Helena's new Strike Zone MxD. The product contains Maximum Deposition Technology (MxD), a recent Helena development. It also reduces spray droplet bounce and helps eliminate driftable fines. Strike Zone MxD includes water conditioners to improve spray water quality and sequesterants to offset herbicide antagonism caused by water with high iron content. These additives increase the life of the spray application equipment by reducing corrosion.

Strike Zone MxD is formulated with a dry, water-soluble polymer that mixes quickly with water. According to the company, when used at recommended label rates, the product provides AMS equivalency, making it an excellent spray tank partner with glyphosate products, including Roundup Weathermax. It also may be used with many other herbicide products and sulfonylurea herbicides.

Contact Helena Chemical Co., Dept. FIN, 7664 Moore Rd., Memphis, TN 38120, 901/752-4414, visit or, or circle 199.

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