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Speed-shift McCormick

Fingertip gearshift operation is now available on McCormick MC and MTX series tractors. The McCormick Speed Sequencer transmission's internal controls are the same as those for a regular powershift transmission, but the conventional range lever is replaced by a sophisticated multifunction controller. Lever functions include speed/range change, range skip-shift, soft shift for gears 9 through 16, and hitch raise/lower.

For rolling down the highway or pulling empty trailers, a "range skip" switch allows the transmission to shift up to the first speed within the next range.

Shifting from forward to reverse during loader work is easier with this transmission. If reverse is selected while in a forward gear of 13 or higher, the transmission will shift to the 13th reverse gear. Below 13th speed, forward or reverse gears will shift to the same gear.

Price for the option is $1,495. Contact McCormick International USA Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 81, Pella, IA 50219, 866/327-6733, visit or

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