Gallery: Dinner featuring Pioneer Plenish soybean oil

At an event held at the Pioneer facilities and research laboratories in Johnston, Iowa, Feb. 21 and 22, editors were invited to a dinner featuring Pioneer Hi-Bred’s new high-oleic soybean oil called Plenish. The product is expected to hit the market this year, pending regulatory approvals. Plenish will be Pioneer’s first biotech soybean product to offer benefits to farmers, the food industry and consumers. The soybeans contain more than 75% oleic content, the highest of any soy product to provide high heat stability for frying. The new soybean also has 20% less saturated fat, making it healthier for consumers. Featured here are behind-the-scenes images from the dinner held at the Iowa Culinary Institute. More information about Plenish oil can be found at Photos: Kathy Huting

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