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THE 360 Custom Contour loader from Westendorf is designed to be used with large, front-wheel-assist tractors with 14.9 × 30-in. tires and fenders and yet maintain excellent maneuverability and turning radius. The company adds that the new loader works especially well on 6-cyl. models with longer profiles.

The loader features a low profile, a lift height of 14 ft. 2 in., a 3,900-lb. load capacity, and a dump angle of nearly 90°. A new patented level indicator monitors the bucket position from level to rolled back and fully dumped. The loader arms and bucket cylinders are designed with internal hydraulic lines so all hoses are hidden for increased visibility and fewer hose snags.

The loader is equipped with Westendorf's Hydra-Snap multi-unit coupling system that allows the user to uncouple all hydraulic hoses with just one lever. Suggested retail price $8,800, depending on tractor make and model. Contact Westendorf Mfg., Dept. FIN, Box 29, Onawa, IA 51040, 712/423-2762, visit or, or circle 191.

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