Photo gallery: Jasper Winery in Des Moines, Iowa, affected by abnormal spring weather

Jasper Winery is a small family-owned and -operated winery with two locations in Newton and Des Moines, Iowa. Ag editors from around the Midwest were invited to an event hosted by Titan Tire of Des Moines on Tuesday, April 24, where the winery owners described how the unusual spring weather has affected their operations, just as it has for many corn and soybean growers. There are more than 90 wineries in the state of Iowa as of 2012 and more than 1,000 acres of grapes that are grown, according to Jean Groban, Jasper co-owner. Most of the grapes used by Jasper are French-American hybrid grapes which have been developed by the University Minnesota or Cornell University. The grapes grown by Jasper took a hard hit due to a recent frost in Iowa. "The primary buds have died, and we'll lose probably 50% of our crop this year and we'll go to secondary buds, which are germinating right now, but they are not as fruitful," says Paul Groban, co-owner. Here is a look into their Des Moines location facilities, the grapevines and the end product.

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