Gift guide for the farmer that has it all

Shopping isn’t really much fun for busy farmers — unless they’re at a farm show — but at this time of year, gift giving makes everyone a shopper. The challenge is to cut through the clutter and get to items that meet the needs of the gift receiver, so he or she is less likely to re-gift the present and more likely to put it to good use.

That’s what drove us, dear reader, to consider the products you see here. They were not chosen because they’re less expensive than an iPad — in fact, some are more expensive. These items were chosen because they offer a unique approach to an issue, or some other benefit to the user.

Check out this guide, and hopefully you’ll find yourself calling a company to find the nearest dealer. This is an opportunity to give those farmers you care about something they’ll really want to see under that tree. And chances are, there will be no size problems with the items shown here.

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