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Equipment ID

The Datadots system from MicroDot Security Solutions allows a user to covertly identify equipment and register the equipment in a database. Each DataDot is the size of a grain of sand — 1 mm in diameter and approximately 1 micron thick — and is made of a polyester material. The DataDots are suspended in an adhesive solution that contains a special UV tracer. Holding a UV light to the area of application makes the DataDots glow. (The photo shows wire on which DataDots were applied. A black light shining on the wire shows the glow of the UV tracer.)

Each DataDot contains 12 or more lines of laser-etched information similar to a PIN number. A customer can have a unique number etched on each dot to identify an individual item or a company-specific identification number for fleet identification. When applied to a piece of equipment, the DataDots are barely visible to the naked eye. A special magnification scope allows the user to read the information contained on each DataDot.

DataDots can be applied to anything from a cell phone to a combine using a single DataDot or several thousand per application. The adhesive dries in as little as 15 to 30 min. and is fully cured within 24 to 48 hrs. of application. The DataDots are heat resistant up to approximately 400° and are designed to be durable and resistant to removal.

A starter kit of 2,000 dots with spray gun, spray nozzle, scope for reading dots, key chain black light for detecting the UV tracer, two warning decals to identify the use of the system to would-be thieves, application instructions and DVD video demonstration sells for $89.95. A starter kit with 10,000 dots sells for $219.95. Contact MircroDot Security Solutions LLC, Dept. FIN, 5178 N. Callisch Ave., Fresno, CA 93710, 559/225-3368, visit or www.freeproduct, or circle 153.

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