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Economical Two-Way

A TWO-WAY radio from HYT North America provides communication where other electronics like cell phones fail. The new TC-700 is a professional-grade portable radio that is priced economically at $360. Designed for security personnel, the radio works well in farm and construction situations. The TC-700 offers 16 channels, either UHF or VHF, and advanced signaling features. Talking power may be customized (5W, 2W or 1W for VHF and 4W, 2W or 1W for UHF). Other features include a built-in scrambler, power-on self-test, a time-out timer, busy channel lockout and PC cloning and programming.

Contact HYT North America, Dept. FIN, 320 International Pkwy., Sunrise, FL 33325, 877/449-8621, visit or, or circle 157.

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