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John Deere grease

John Deere offers a new food-grade grease that will work on farm equipment. The Multi-Purpose Extreme Duty Synthetic Grease is a nontoxic, high-performance lubricant that is odorless, waterproof, silicone-free and biodegradable. The grease repels dirt, dust and grime and prevents rust and corrosion. It is backed by USDA for use in food-handling and food-processing facilities. The company claims the product is safe for use around most plastic, rubber and vinyl.

The grease retails for $6.99 and is available through local John Deere dealers.

Portable tire changer

The Bead-Cheata tool from Farmex allows farmers to remove and remount a variety of tractor tires while the vehicles are in the field. It eliminates the need to remove the wheel when changing a tire and makes breaking the bead easier. The tool works by having one tongue lock under the rim while two other tongues push the bead into the well of the wheel. The tongues are forced into position with a hammer used on the built-in strike plate.

The Bead-Cheata is available through farm equipment dealers and farm retailers. Price: $150. Visit

Magnetic cleaner

The powerful magnet of the MS16 Auto-Release Magnetic Sweeper safely attracts and holds ferrous metal materials, which can then be quickly released by a simple twist and pull of the sweeper's handle. The body of the new magnetic sweeper contains a 16-in.-long magnet and rolls smoothly on two 4-in.-dia. treaded wheels.

Price: $56. Contact Meter-Man, Dept. FIN, Box 746, Winnebago, MN 56098, 800/338-5756, visit magsweeper.html or fin.

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