Farm Industry News

Seeking a new Team FIN

A new millennium calls for change. And our current esteemed Team FINfarmers have earned the right to move up to the status of senior advisors.

This opens up an opportunity for you to become part of a new elite group offarmers whose task will be to offer valuable insight to the FIN editorialstaff and 255,000 of their peers. We involve members in many projects -from generating ideas and critiquing stories to supplying input buyingexpertise, walking farm show aisles and even testing new products.

A new Team FIN member will reflect the farmer of the new millennium. Youmay be a farm manager or ag consultant, a contract crop grower, amechanical maestro, a precision farming disciple, a producer with a largelivestock and/or crop operation, or even all of the above. You are honestand trustworthy and combine a passion to succeed with the skills to make ithappen. You are objective, have a solid agricultural background and have aneye for detail.

Tell us about your farming experience and operation, and your specificskills or interests. Send a one-page letter of introduction and resume toFarm Industry News, Edit. Dept., 7900 International Dr., Suite 300,Minneapolis, MN 55425, or e-mail us at [email protected] Applicationdeadline is November 1, 1999.

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