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Seedbed preparation

Till and condition the soil in one pass with Yetter’s new rolling basket attachment for strip-till openers. The basket, designed to mount on the Yetter Maverick Opener as well as other models, breaks up rough, surface soil, ensuring seeds are planted in the desired finer soil underneath. A U-shaped crossbar levels the soil for consistent seed and chemical placement and features flat ends that act as a depth gauge.

The rolling basket attachment is spring-loaded and operates independently from the soil opener. The attachment is adjustable to match any soil condition and effectively uproots weeds for weed control. The 14-in. basket is made of steel and rotates on two sealed bearings.

Suggested retail price of the rolling basket attachment: $425

For more information, contact Yetter Manufacturing Company, Box 358 Colchester, IL 62326, 800/447-5777,

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