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Seed selection: Don’t base decision on 2012

Seed selection: Don’t base decision on 2012

When choosing hybrids for 2013, there is a note of caution: don’t let the 2012 growing season be your only barometer.

“If a hybrid didn’t perform well because of weather in 2012, determine if the reasons you originally chose that hybrid are still valid,” says Hank King, grain corn portfolio marketing leader, Mycogen Seeds. “If so, that hybrid is probably a good option for 2013. Drought tolerance may be top of mind, but first and foremost, growers should select products with a combination of agronomic and yield characteristics that are best for their fields.”

Using 2012 as the baseline might be tempting because a hybrid performed well in adverse conditions, but the wide variability may not paint an entirely accurate picture. “You need to look at multiple years of data, and plan for high yield environment,” says Jeff Hartz, director of marketing, Wyffels Hybrids.

There will be seed to plant. “But will it be in the products that you want or need to package together to best fit your acres? I believe this is going to be a case-by-case or brand-by-brand issue in 2013,” Hartz says.

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