New genetic research alliance between DuPont Pioneer Hi-Bred, Biotique Systems

A new research agreement between DuPont and Biotique Systems should increase Pioneer Hi-Bred’s genetic discoveries in crops. The two companies recently announced this collaboration.

Pioneer Hi-Bred will access Biotique Systems’ proprietary technology for genetic sequence management, marker analysis and genotype to phenotype association, according to a news release. The company will retain intellectual property for the genetic information and crops produced from this agreement.

“Pioneer’s sophisticated deployment of new sequencing technologies is bringing new value-added seed technologies to market faster,” reports John Soper, vice president, Pioneer crop genetics research and development. “Our work with sequencing the genes in corn plants is helping us improve the crop faster than ever. This alliance will help us bring those advancements to other crops faster.”

DNA sequence analysis allows Pioneer scientists to better understand the structure and function of genes in plants, according to the release. Recent improvements in sequencing technologies have increased the pace of sequence data accumulation. The Biotique platform enables the efficient handling and analysis of the millions of DNA sequence data points generated by Pioneer.

As a result of these genetic technologies, Pioneer researchers have evaluated the commercial potential of more crop genetics in 2010 than in the company’s 80-year history. An example of a new crop developed using these heightened breeding technologies is Y Series soybeans, created with the Accelerated Yield Technology System.  

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