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MasterGraze™ BMR – Revolutionary Forage

October 29, 2009 – Masters Choice Hybrids is mindful of feed costs, easily one of the largest expenses in livestock production. This knowledge has driven the Masters Choice Research and Development division to create an alternate route to lower feed costs for the farmer. Those efforts have resulted in revolutionizing specialty forage with high sugar levels that can be harvested in many versatile ways including grazing, haylage, or balage. MasterGraze™ BMR’s extensive tiller network yields massive amounts of feed tonnage per acre compared to sorghum sudans, and the Brown Mid Rib characteristics make the tonnage more digestible than other silage varieties. Extensive lab analysis has found MasterGraze™ BMR to have extremely high protein levels, often up to 15 to 20%, and low lignin content, making the whole plant up to 30% higher in digestibility than other forages. The uniqueness of the leafy, tillering forage allows MasterGraze™ to often exceed 5 ton dry matter per acre with a high-quality yield in only 7-8 weeks. Your livestock will find it sweet and palatable which results in increased milk and meat, optimizing your production potential.

To learn more about MasterGraze™ BMR and other cutting-edge silage hybrids, contact our office at 866/444-1044.

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