Dow AgroSciences extends wheat interests

Dow AgroSciences extends wheat interests

Dow AgroSciences signs an agreement with an Australian wheat breeding company for access to wheat germplasm.

Dow AgroSciences increased its commitment to wheat breeding by entering into an agreement with an Australian wheat company. HRZ Wheats will exchange wheat germplasm with Dow AgroSciences, and in turn, will gain access to Dow’s advanced breeding services, technologies and funding.

HRZ Wheats is a new Australian wheat breeding company that was established in 2003. It provides wheat to growers in the high-rainfall zone of Australia.

“Wheat breeders have not had the full benefit of the advanced breeding technologies that have been developed for use in high value row crops over the past 20 years, so the rate of increase in crop yield hasn’t kept pace,” said Peter Dryden, Dow AgroSciences regional commercial unit leader for Australia and New Zealand.

“At Dow AgroSciences, we see wheat as an important global crop so we’re excited to be providing the HRZ breeding team with access to the knowledge and tools that we’ve developed in working  with crops like corn, cotton, canola, soybeans and sunflowers. In essence, we hope this investment will mean better products come to the market more often — which will create value for grains industry participants.” 

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