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Fungicide soybean seed treatment

For A second season, Bayer CropScience has included a biological fungicide in its Trilex 6000 soybean system. Called Yield Shield, this biological fungicide protects against soybean diseases by building the seedling's own natural defense systems. The Yield Shield fungicide is a naturally occurring soil bacteria, extending the young plant's protection against soilborne pathogens.

The Trilex 6000 soybean system includes Yield Shield biological fungicide, Trilex 2000 seed-applied fungicide (an in-can formulation of Trilex and Allegiance seed-applied fungicide), Gaucho seed-applied insecticide, Celgard coating and Pro-Ized red colorant.

“This is a complete system for the grower and the soybean seed,” says Marc Andrieux, Trilex 6000 product manager. “The several modes of action extend the efficacy longer, allowing the crop to get off to a good start.”

The seed treatment is available through most seed retailers and costs $11 to $12/bag.

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