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Seed-applied nutrition

Seed-applied nutrition

Getting a healthy start in the spring is critical for a plant’s development throughout the season to produce high yields. An increasingly popular way to boost plant health and crop yield is to add micronutrients to the soil.

Wolf Trax, a micronutrient and plant health company, introduces a plant nutrition product called Protinus that is applied directly onto the seeds.

According to the company, Protinus optimizes pH in the microzone around the seed, creating conditions for greater nutrient availability and uptake by the plant. The nutrients included in the product for early plant growth are zinc, manganese and iron.

Wolf Trax claims that its research has shown several benefits from the use of Protinus. Among the plants where Protinus is applied, germination is earlier and more even, and seedlings are larger, with greater shoot and root fresh weights, Wolf Trax says. In addition, the root surface area and length are increased.

The plants with the Protinus have the ability to withstand stress from drought, cool conditions and excessive early season moisture. This then helps the crop stay healthy to produce greater yield.

Protinus can be applied after liquid seed treatments in a “tacky” stage because it requires no wetting of the seed. Application rates are 6 oz./100 lbs. of seed and 3 oz./50 lbs. of seed.

For more information about Protinus or other Wolf Trax products, call 204/237-9653 or visit

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