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Section 18 products for rust

DuPont Crop Protection announced that it has obtained access to tebuconazole fungicide for Asian soybean rust from Bayer Crop Science. Tebuconazole is a triazole fungicide that provides preventative and curative control of Asian soybean rust. Tebuconazole has been granted Section 18 registrations by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for rust control in several states. Pending regulatory approvals, DuPont Crop Protection will initially offer tebuconazole under a Section 18 Quarantine Exemption label to growers as DuPont Uppercut. For more information, visit

BASF announced that its Headline SBR fungicide successfully used in Brazil has been granted Section 18 exemptions in a number of U.S. states. The fungicide is a co-pack combining pyraclostrobin (F500) with tebuconazole. View more information about the product at

For an excellent chart showing the strengths, weaknesses and recommended usage of currently approved Section 18 fungicides for Asian soybean rust, visit University of Nebraska Web site

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